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Christophe Meierhans : Trials of Money

Trials of Money turns the theatre into a court of justice. The audience is invited to take part in the Special Tribunal for Semi-Human Persons that, instead of human subjects or legal entities, puts that very complex "thing" on trial that we most commonly call "money". Can money be held responsible for the disastrous state the world is in today?

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But how can we hold a fair trial, if everybody in court is involved with the accused? How can we call money to the stand to answer the charges brought against it, if it doesn't have a voice of its own? Nine witnesses will testify: an ex-banker, an employee of the Swiss National Bank, a homeless person, a rich philanthropist, a proponent of new currencies, a Native American, a professor of economics, a member of a kibbutz and a criminologist.

The trial is conducted as a collective exercise: the performers deliver their testimonies by responding to any questions the audience might want to ask them. Together, they will attempt to respond to the accusations money is facing: charges of fraud, extortion, non-assistance to a person in danger, incitement to hatred and slavery. Should money be found guilty, what would be a just sentence?

Preliminary Hearings, a solo of the performance Trials of Money, is structured around reenactments of interviews made with potential witnesses. This solo is intended to be performed both in- and outside the traditional theatre context, in university classes, in board meetings of banks, in conferences and so on.

Side Effects


Side Effects

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