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Begüm Erciyas : Pillow Talk

The act of speaking and the uncanniness of the voice are in the center of Begüm Erciyas' research. With Pillow Talk, Erciyas presents another performance, in which the voice remains an inscrutable medium.

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In the digital age, the voices we hear leave us constantly in doubt, if a person or a non-person is speaking. In this immersive performance, doubt and conviction change roles in the blink of an eye. Spread out on a hilly landscape, audience engages in a conversation with something that is there and not there at the same time. An artificial voice functions as a mediator, a partner and a mirror to one's own. While conversations are constructed word-by-word, impressions are shared, naps are taken, and time is passes, Pillow Talk you to engage in an intimate relationship with the non-human.

Side Effects


Side Effects

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