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Simon Mayer / Kopf hoch : Being Moved

In this new solo performance, Simon Mayer explores different states of „being moved". What moves us? What does it mean to be moved - emotionally, physically, mentally? What is the importance today of letting go and surrendering to the present moment?

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Together with sound designer Pascal Holper and trance researcher Corine Sombrun, Simon Mayer explores the manifold manifestations of a universal folkdance, one that springs from freedom and self-empowerment. A dance of transgression and transformation, that lets us dive into the unknown, where movement becomes sound and vice versa. A dance that inspires us to step into our full potential of expression, based on spontaneous creativity instead of fixed rules. A dance that takes humor seriously. A dance that explores what makes us move and what, in turn, moves us. In a celebration of our imagination, Simon Mayer shares the stage with (in)visible performers examining what we perceive, believe and feel to be reality.

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Side Effects

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