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Gaëtan Rusquet & Philip Janssens & Yann Leguay: the eYe in the light in the eYe

Gaëtan Rusquet's the eYe in the light in the eYe resonates with Brancusi's self-portraits and sculptural clichés, and his desire to make visible the absolute, the very essence of a form or an idea.

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The performance echoes Brancusi's desire to dissimulate or highlight qualities for one point of view, the one of the camera or spectator, while acknowledging the impossibility to control the multiplicity of images that occurs in a performative situation.

The project is realised in collaboration with visual artist Philip Janssens and Yann Leguay. The space Philip creates, gives access to both a collective and individual experience. Each image appears only in the viewer's eye, who is the medium itself. The proposition of Yann highlights the physical relation between the installation and the viewer by bringing the visual distortion to the ears.

the eYe in the light in the eYe is a performance commissioned by Europalia Romania and presented in the Brancusi exhibition at Bozar.

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Side Effects

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