Oh Magic, Sons of Sissy, Sunbengsitting & Monkeymind

Simon Mayer/Kopf Hoch

15€/CD (Sons of Sissy, SunBengSitting, Monkeymind) + postage & 12€/CD (Oh Magic) + postage

The audio performances of the projects Oh Magic, Sons of Sissy, SunBengSitting and Monkeymindreleased on CD. Watch these appeteasers to get an idea of what's in store: SunBengSitting and Sons of Sissy.

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OH MAGIC (2018)

Artistic direction, compography: Simon Mayer Piano, disklavier: Clara Frühstück Sound design: Tobias Leibetseder Drums, drumcar: Patric Redl Vocals, noise, microbot: Simon Mayer Robot operator: Manuel Wagner Magic flute: Lukas Froschauer Production: Anna Erb Recording, mixing: Lukas Froschauer CD-design: Tobias Leibetseder Thanks to: Sophie Schmeiser, Kopf hoch team


Violin: Simon Mayer, Matteo Haitzmann Styrian harmonica: Patric Redl Double bass, blase: Manuel Wagner Recording, mixing: Christoph F. Burgstaller Artistic direction, compography: Simon Mayer Arrangements: Matteo Haitzmann, Simon Mayer Production: Anna Erb Produced & copyright by: Simon Mayer, Kopf hoch Thanks to: Sophie Schmeiser, Judith Holl, Werk X, Kulturland OÖ and all the other good spirits


Compostion, choreography, performance, music: Simon Mayer Beats/loops/effects, arrangements: Pascal Holper Recording, mixing, pre-mastering: Klemens Mayrhofer, Philip Zauner/Sonic Live Studios Thanks to: Brut Wien, Sonic Live Studios, Sophie Schmeiser, Anna Erb, Peter & Nora Mayer Produced & copyright by: Simon Mayer, Kopf hoch


Vocals, guitar, floor, heartbeat, breath, ballmachine, megaphone, chair, reception bell, whiskey glasses, footsteps, sockslide, hands, woodboard, cardboard boxes, turning organ, prepared record player: Simon Mayer Microphonedrums, typewriter, effects, human teremin, midikeyboard, adam, ballmachine trigger, balls, bells, gong with splash, strawsspeakers, bass: Pascal Holper Produced by: Simon Mayer, Kopf hoch Recording: Rene Ringo Grömer, Pascal Holper Mixing, mastering: Ringo Records, Simon Mayer Lyrics, music: Simon Mayer Soundinstallation, sounddesign: Pascal Holper, Simon Mayer Material, set: Pascal Holper, Andrea Simeon Illustrations: Sarah Egbert Eiersholt Graphic design: Annika Rytterhag Thanks to: Elio Gervasi, Liquid Loft, Roman Harrer, m-arts, Andrea, Mama Earth & Papa Sky, 432Hz and the other good spirits

Copyright: Simon Mayer



Sara Manente

15€ + postage (EN)

Spectacles (2014-2018), a series of choreographic objects performing at the limit of dance, takes on a printed form in this publication concluding the 4-year long project. Included are Spectacle #1, #2, #3and the script of the film Spectacle #4. Spectacles is an artistic research project centered on the critical relationship between dance and language from an economical, poetical and performative point of view.

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Project by: Sara Manente Assistance: Christophe Albertijn Design support: Miriam Hempel In dialogue and collaboration with: Xing, Bains Connective, Kunstenwerkplaats De Pianofabriek, TinoLab, a.pass With the support of: Flemish Government, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Honolulu, La Bellone - House of Performing Arts, Ricerca X Torino Produced by: Cabra vzw, Hiros



by Sara Manente & Marcos Simões

5€ + postage

Full of colors and details, using the objects that surrounded us during the work for "This Place", the cards are –as close to the original as possible- recreations of the 22 Major Arcana of Tarots, featuring the artistic couples in the project.

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Concept: Sara Manente and Marcos Simões
Photograpy: Marcelo Mardones
Created in collaboration with: Marcelo Mardones & the artistic couples presented in "This Place"
Design: daretoknow
Print: Gillis
Production: Hiros for CABRA vzw
With the support of the Flemish Community


some use for your broken clay pots

Christophe Meierhans

5 € + postage (FR, EN, NL, DE, IT)

Some use for your broken clay pots is the constitutional text for a democratic state that does not yet exist.

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A possible scenario for a society in which voluntary citizenship, the Democratic service, Statebook, leaders appointed through self-disqualification, a constitutional carnival and many other innovations set the basis of our common future. Christophe Meierhans works with and within the public space. As an artist, he develops strategies for interventions in our daily life protocols through the manipulation of conventional agreements, social habits and simple usages.

Concept & realisation: Christophe Meierhans
Constitutional jurist: Anne-Emmanuelle Bourgaux
Constitutional advising team: Anne-Emmanuelle Bourgaux (ULB), Rudi Laermans (KU), Jean-Benoît Pilet (ULB), Dave Sinardet (VUB)
Dramaturgy: Bart Capelle
Design publication: The Theatre of Operations
Printed at: Schaubroeck (BE) Binding: Sepeli (BE)
Co-production: Kaaitheater (Brussels), Workspace Brussels, Vooruit Arts Centre (Ghent), Maria Matos (Lisbon), BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen), Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels)
Production: Mokum
With the support of: the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie & Government of Flanders
Cover: Vues détecteur ATLAS © 2007 CERN
Published by: MER. Paper Kunsthalle (BE)


Dood in fictie

Peter Aers, Tijs Ceulemans, Leentje Vandenbussche

29,95 € + postage (NL)

Based on the project research of LIGHT, MEDIUM, STRONG.
The book Dood in Fictie - Death in Fiction - was presented on November 3rd, 2013 in Vrijstaat O, Ostend. 

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Concept & realisation: Peter Aers, Tijs Ceulemans, Leentje Vandebussche
Graphic design: Anna Perneel & Nina Swaans
Production: Mokum
Co-production LIGHT, MEDIUM, STRONG: Kc De Werf, Kc BUDA, Kc Vrijstaat O
With the support of DELA Fonds beheerd door de Koning Boudewijnstichting


Private Public Life, The Blue Castle

Dolores Bouckaert

25€ + Postage

In 2013 Dolores Bouckaert realized for CC Hasselt her most recent project in which visual art, video and slide projection play an important role.

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In this project the investigation into the personal boundary between private and public in all its aspects is shown. In THE BLUE CASTLE, a monumental slide projection in which 60 snapshots of Bouckaert - who had to stay for a long time in her bedroom - can be seen in loop. This is how Bouckaert herself develops as an intriguing narrative. In the publication which is perceived as an artist edition (100 copies) you see a selection of these images and drawings.

This particular book was made possible by the support of CC Hasselt and Margarita Production.
The exhibition was also shown at Gallery Jan Dhaese in Ghent.

PRIVATE/PUBLIC LIFE, the blue castle
copies: 100
photos: Javier Ctala
With the supprt of: CC Hasselt, Margarita Production, Gallerie Jan Dhaese.


micro, contact, strings & things

Margarita Production

10 € + postage (EN / NL)

A 10th anniversary celebration by Margarita Production that provides an overview of a generation of artists and their realized projects.

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Everything is supported with a repository archive on ‘inside’ (image) material that makes visible the work of the artists.

"Micro, contact, strings & things is a publication that reads like an inspirational sketchbook which shows us a unique image of an altered art practice by a young generation performing artists." Julie Rodeyns - <H>art

"With its design of Überknackig that is chic and cheap - that glitter cover! - this publication feels like a poetry book, that friendship booklet that we gave to each other in school and that's appropriate: Above all Margarita remains a class populated by fellow artists. " Ive Stevenheydens, Agenda, BDW

This book was presented during Kunstenfestivaldesarts on May 17th, 2013 and nominated for the Fernand Baudin Prize 2013.

Published by: MER

ISBN: 978 94 9069 302 2

Distributed by:
Exhibitions International
Motto Distribution

Book design: Überknackig

Printing: SNEL
Print run: 1000 copies

Concept: Margarita Production + Überknackig
Editors: Saar Van Laere, Valérie Wolters
Proofreading and translations: Patrick Lennon
Internship: Raquel Odena

The authors: Valérie Wolters, Agnès Quackels, Pieter T'Jonck, André Eiermann, Tom Bonte, Sven Birkeland
© MER. Paper Kunsthalle for this edition
This publication was made with the support of Brussels Invest & Export, Sabam for Culture and the Flemish Community Commission



Alix Eynaudi

2 € + postage (ENG)

photo booklet of the performance by Alix Eynaudi, designed by Compagnie Paul Verrept

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Pull the strings. There is work to be done.
Touch the smooth patina of the equipment.
Find a safe part and use it as an anchor.
Put one hand on top of an arm near the shoulder and fold the arm loosely across the front toward the other armpit.
Lay it out on a flat surface.
Carefully drag the tissue across the lens.
Keep it tight. Bring the short end up vertically. Insert it through the front loop you just created, running along the top of the main line and pull to tighten.
Sew on the buttons.
Move it over to the left, then cover its hammers in leather.
Wash inside out.
Hang it in a shady place, and leave it to dry.
Fold it gently, and hide it away.
You may leave now. Try faking it.
With love and care,



IT, thingly variations in space

Mokum vzw & a.pass/a.rc

8 € + postage (ENG)

This book explores the position of the object in contemporary performance.

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What happens when the object is no longer dealt with as a reference point in the multi-layered language of theatre? What if the object takes centre stage, or even better, becomes the stage itself? Who is the spectator the moment you become aware of IT staring back at you?
Looking at the object as an autonomous actor in today's performance practice, IT opens up a philosophical, critical and playful field of references. Food for thought…
The texts and images in this book refer to the works of performance makers Lilia Mestre, Joanna Bailie & Christoph Ragg, Laurent Liefooghe and Sanja Mitrovic. This publication contains texts by André Lepecki, Elke Van Campenhout, Christophe Van Gerrewey and Nele Wynants.

Side Effects


Side Effects

supporting action

Charter for the stage artist

A statement of solidarity between artists who agree to no longer accept un(der)paid work in public activities that take place at or for organizations with fixed-income employees.