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Myriam Van Imschoot : What Nature Says

What does nature say? To find out, Myriam Van Imschoot visited a zoo, used a tuning fork to listen to a motorway, discovered on walks in the woods birds that sound like chainsaws or can imitate the ringtones of mobile phones, saw crocodiles in Australia but couldn't hear them...

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Drawing on a variety of field recordings, five performers – coming from the noise underground scene to pop – replicate these various sounds, using only their voices. They give a sort of a cappella rendition of the planet's soundscapes and the buzz in the world.

What Nature Says is a radiophonic performance, a show to listen to and watch, both recognizable and abstract, and in which notions about humanity, nature and machines are called into question. If you listen carefully, you will hear that not everything is running smoothly.

Listen on her website.

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