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Manuela Rastaldi : Specchi

The argument of Specchi , two variations on "the woman cut into pieces" - located between dance and visual art - is the deconstruction of the female form. Here it would involve dismantling the mechanism of illusion, extrapolating it by bringing it into view and exposing on stage with mirrors that cut off, dislocate, derealize; boxes that contain, frame, absorb.

« What interests me is producing truncated forms in relation to image and composition. It is the creation of illuminated, unreal forms outside the immediacy of the bodies.The mirror creates unreal forms outside the immediacy of the bodies. The box is its negation: wrappings that cause a reduction of movement in bas-relief ».

In this visual distancing a specific emotional tension is produced, a kind of "mise en abyme" of what is being seen, a vibration of what is "present on stage". In this project, the research topic for the female performers is the way the spectator sees women's bodies. They are challenging collective iconography in order to create new poetic opportunities.

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Side Effects

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