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Radical_Hope : Sitting With The Body 24/7

In Sitting with the Body 24/7, a small group of people retreats into a shop window in the city centre for a week. They perform ordinary activities there: sitting, lying, walking, standing, making things, seeing, dancing and speaking.

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The fixed timetable and the concentration on one activity at a time are the conditions that provide the opportunity for physical introspection. By tracing and acknowledging physical perceptions and intentions, the performers try to give voice to what usually lies hidden in the human body. At the same time, Sitting with the Body 24/7 relates to an urban environment and the possible disruptions it may bring. The passer-by is invited to participate in this paradoxical retreat in public space by watching the actions or by entering the space and carrying them out themselves.

Side Effects


Side Effects

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Charter for the stage artist

A statement of solidarity between artists who agree to no longer accept un(der)paid work in public activities that take place at or for organizations with fixed-income employees.
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