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Radical_Hope : Sitting With The Body / ONE HOUR

Sitting with the Body / ONE HOUR is a 60 minute retreat from the many other activities at disposal and at the same time an act in itself.

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Sitting With The Body / ONE HOUR is based on the work Sitting With The Body 24/7 - Retreat in public space
Our lives are governed by an economy that never sleeps. What is its impact on our relationship with time, work and our body?
During Sitting With The Body 24/7 a group of people retreated into a vacant commercial space with huge windows giving out onto the streets -
executing certain actions, in full concentration, seven days in a row and around the clock.
Following a strict schedule people are sitting, lying down, standing, walking, resting, making things, dancing, speaking and looking around.
This stilling of multi-tasking contrasts with the urban surrounding and the possible influences and disturbances, which can stem from it.
People can watch all of this or enter the space and delve into action yourself.

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Side Effects


Side Effects

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Charter for the stage artist

A statement of solidarity between artists who agree to no longer accept un(der)paid work in public activities that take place at or for organizations with fixed-income employees.
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