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Christophe Meierhans : Preliminary Hearings

Can the money we all use on a daily basis, be held responsible for the situation in which humans find themselves today? In other words, if it is true that "money rules the world", are we then not entitled to make it accountable for what has happened to the world under its governance? Preliminary Hearings approaches this somewhat candid statement with the seriousness of a court of justice.

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Based on interviews made with different bankers, lawyers, persons in situation of extreme precarity, psychotherapists, economists, philanthropists, debt relief workers, representatives of indigenous nations, or monetary activists, 9 witnesses characters stand ready to respond to any question the audience might have for them.

This piece is an invitation to collectively investigate what money actually is and what it does. It is an invitation to challenge the idea that money is only a means at the service of human intentions and to attempt another reading of the relationship humans have with the system of exchange they invented for themselves.

Preliminary Hearings is a new, lighter, version of Christophe Meierhans' last work, Trials of Money, reworked to be performed in a variety of contexts such as universities, business schools, conferences, board meetings, …or theaters.

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