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Roberta DC : Pas de deux

This project deals with the couple and his negation. Bodies are exploited in two ways, first as matter in state of becoming, two polymorph creatures discover their own body and the space in which they find themselves. And then they are together, with a chair and a couch, ... dressed. Everything is concrete and real, rags of live overlap. But the absurdity of this failed encounter between a woman and a man leaves a bitter taste.

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As point of departure for this performance we took the androgyn of Plato's myth 'the banquet'. It's a bit as if we split this being into two parts and put it on stage, like a laboratory animal, to study his behaviour, in the same way as the gods from the Olympus did, they cut him into two pieces and afterwards they observed its shuffling. According to the myth, the androgyn once divided searched incessant for his lost half and the nature of love results from this 'drama'. We found this metaphor of love very beautiful but at the same time very cruel. So we tried to confront these two species and to observe their bearings. This performance is the result of it. We didn't try to stick to the myth but took it as a departure.

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