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Bernard Van Eeghem : Marítima - Onderzoek

Promising young artist, Bernard Van Eeghem, is researching how a text in its original language can be conveyed to people not proficient in that language. The language is Portuguese, and the text is Ode Marítima (1915), the epic, iconic and futuristic poem by Álvaro de Campos, one of Fernando Pessoa's heteronyms (1888-1935).

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How can this text, with its most diverse qualities, be expressed in the richest possible way? In his research, he works with an ingenious combination of media forms such as film, photography and other witty visual materials, including live drawing. In addition, he is studying Portuguese for the purpose and being coached by Portuguese professors and performers both in Brussels and Lisbon. Van Eeghem explores the potential of translation, simultaneous and through various media, hovering between the concrete and manifest poetry.

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