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Manah Depauw & Theodora Ramaekers, Virginie Gardin, Jean-Luc Millot: MANGE TES RONCES!

Léopold, send to the countryside to take a breath of fresh air, arrives at Mamie Ronce. The old lady lives there alone with her dog who hates children. Every morning, Mamie Ronce watches her favourite soap "A Rose on the Wall". The rest of the time, she energetically mows the grass of her garden. Just arrived at Mamie Ronce, the boy has to help her pluck the blackberries from the filled bushes. He hears someone sneering and... stings himself! The night falls. Mamie Ronce makes soup, nettlesoup!

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"Eat your berries!" is made for children of 5 year old or older. It's a show with shadows where the manipulation of silhouettes and the making of sounds is done before the eyes of the spectators. There are three overhead projectors placed on the ground, who are played by some trunks, puppets and two actresses. The musician, surrounded by his instruments, camps on the side of the stage.

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Side Effects

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