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Einat Tuchman & Gosie Vervloesem: Maïzena

Maïzena is collaboration between video and performance artist Gosie Vervloessem and the choreographer Einat Tuchman.

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Everbody knows Maïzena as a kitchen ingredient. We use it as a thickening agent to thicken a sauce, to make pudding,....
But, Maïzena has some other rather magical capacities.
Maïzena has characteristics that only appear when manipulated by a body in movement. In fact it is a fluid that does not obey Newton's laws..
If you knead it will take whatever shape you suggest. Then, as soon as you stop, it will take back its formless, sticky, creepy nature.

The play takes over and magic start operating. Connecting to maizena is a strange equation; an effort. In any case, they try and they try again but it all falls apart in the end. Afterwards, engrossed in this stubborn object, images impress on them.
It is the invasion of maizena in a non-Newtonian country. It is a country where nothing holds, where borders disperse, where territories have no within or without. In this voyage they shift from domestication to considering specific world laws of science. They rediscover the maizena land by neglecting all logic and entering in a biblical magic realm. In the end they surrender and merge together in to the non-Newtonian flow.

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