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Sara Manente : Lawaai means Hawaai (Long)

Every space coexists with another space inside it, one you become aware of only when paying attention to the acoustic phenomena. They sometimes superimpose themselves in a quiet and harmonic way, but when these spaces are in conflict, sound becomes noise, a source of tension, inducing fear, stress and fatigue. It is fascinating and hypnotizing. Noise has an influence on the objects in that space and on the behaviour of its inhabitants.

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In Lawaai Means Hawaai pollution, echo, absorption, reflection and background become key figures in the writing process, not in a metaphorical or imitative way. Noise is a concept that reaches far beyond acoustics. It has different definitions in acoustics, communication science and computing. In this work, we didn't choose one definition, but worked at the same time with different levels and qualities, in order to create constraints, uneasiness, doubts and tiredness for the dancers themselves. What you will see are distant echoes and consequences of such confusing states; in a dance, which resonates in meanings and matters.

Long Version > 50 min.

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Side Effects

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