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Merlin Spie : La petite musette, casquee

A character sits on a chair, quiet and tranquil. His face is stuck to a mask set in a cylindrical pipe full of pear syrup. The face is turned to the wall as if encapsulated. The performer breathes through a diving gear. The character and his environment are coated in Liege syrup. His back bears a violin-shaped carving; his arm shows the writing 'hand made' and a cigarette keeps burning at all times and is lit up again and again by the audience.

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A musette is an accordion /backpipes; it is music, music that has a healing function on human beings - which is also action and the upkeep of self-activation. Its presence generates a feeling of belonging and companionship. Banal initiatives, simple gestures that were born spontaneously in human beings are repressed and become ossified.The character is a prisoner of the construction, stuck on a chair, glued in syrup. Without any freedom for movement, without any natural vital space, looking in a fixed direction, the character is in a forced social direction. The cigarette embodies time, passivity and calm; it also renders the atmosphere. And the fire is there to replace the heat and notions of conviviality and comfort.

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Side Effects


Bernard Van Eeghem & Dolores Bouckaert receive research grant from the Flemish Government

Bernard delves deeper into Fernando Pessoa's Ode Marítima by researching how this epic poem can be translated into (moving) images. During her research, Dolores invites fellow artists to encounter her and props from previous pieces, guided by Martha Nussbaum's acclaimed work The Fragility of Goodness: Luck and Ethics in Greek Tragedy and Philosophy.

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