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Simon Mayer / Kopf hoch : Folktranceparty

The explorations on the relation between sound and movement and between folk traditions and contemporary dance that resulted in Simon Mayer's recent pieces Sunbensitting, Sons of Sissy and Oh Magic, take on new shapes in Folktranceparty. Leaving the black box of the theatre, Mayer levels the playing field of both performers and audience, giving life to a celebration rather than a performance.

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How to create an environment that inspires people to move, connect and let go of their initial inhibitions? What are the ingredients of the perfect party, culminating in collective ecstasy on a natural high? The performers and musicians are also mediators guiding the audience in the right direction, together with other theatrical means like music, light, scenography, props, food, drinks and scents. In Folktranceparty, Mayer continues his examination on the power of endurance and transcendence that lies at the core of so many rituals. Folktranceparty draws inspiration from alpine folk dance balls and the ritualised practices that they entail. Inspiration is found as well in customs of indigenous tribes, ancient rituals, self-healing methods and contemporary examples of gatherings that evoke trance-like experiences through music or movement. Folktranceparty embarks on a journey to seek if a universal folk dance exists.

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