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Sara Manente : Faire un four

Faire un Four is an expression from the 17th century theatre world which means “to suffer a defeat". Literally it is “to make an oven" but it almost sounds like “to make a four" hence “a quartet".

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How do we recognize something as something? Anybody as somebody? Faire un Four takes four people and their dances as its starting point. It is not interested in individualism but in reworking the four as a multiple space layering ways of doing things with dance, after a long practice of interpreting, altering and adapting each other's movements.

Four solos (prologue) generate the basis for each evening while the actual piece constructs a scenic architecture for performers and spectators to process what they perceive, since to perceive resemblance is to make it happen.

Faire un Four produces a physical and verbal collection in which the productivity of recognition as well as the opacity of things are questioned, confused and challenged.

Collection is a collection in the form of a movie parallel to Faire un Four. Marcelo Mardones re-/stages new and existing scenes of the work and the working process.
In a cinematic way they propose other possible past and future performances to be seen. Collection is a fictitious document of the piece independent from it. It is the give-away of Faire un Four.

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Side Effects

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