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Roberta DC : De vouwstoel en de zwaart van de mist

The folding chair and the gravity of the mist' is a performance Barbara Mavro Thalasitis and Wouter Krokaert decided to co-sign after having worked together on projects like 'Plis', 'Pas de deux' and 'Motion Pictures'. This piece is the outcome and development of a few years of cooperation and personal experience.
The main theme of the piece is transformation and its manifestations from a choreographic point of view.
Transformation is part of the essence of a movement, a movement means being on the way to something else.
One of the goals of this performance is to catch an action in the middle of it's becoming, by making abstraction of it's beginning and ending, not to tell a well-defined story but to find ourselves in the presence of a happening, in the moment of development itself.

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Side Effects

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