Upcoming premiere

Simon Mayer creates new solo

In this new solo performance, Simon explores different states of „being moved". What moves us? What does it mean to be moved - emotionally, physically, mentally? What is the importance today of letting go and surrendering to the present moment?

Together with sound designer Pascal Holper and trance researcher Corine Sombrun, Simon Mayer explores the manifold manifestations of a universal folkdance, one that springs from freedom and self-empowerment. A dance of transgression and transformation, that lets us dive into the unknown, where movement becomes sound and vice versa. A dance that inspires us to step into our full potential of expression, based on spontaneous creativity instead of fixed rules. A dance that takes humor seriously. A dance that explores what makes us move and what, in turn, moves us. In a celebration of our imagination, Simon Mayer shares the stage with (in)visible performers examining what we perceive, believe and feel to be reality.

Being Moved is set to premiere during AMOK festival in Bruges on 07.10.

Upcoming premiere

Myriam Van Imschoot & HYOID present new piece

For newpolyphonies, Myriam was inspired by insects, climate marches and the recent manifestations against cutbacks in the arts and civil society. The guiding principle is not the loud chanting of the crowd, but the experience that each individual - like a link in chain - can set a vortex of sounds in motion.

Polyphony is the art of individual voices interwoven into a great harmonic coherence. In newpolyphonies, polyphony is both the trigger and the question. How can we understand this musical legacy today? What is the potential of harmony? A group of local participants perform on stage together with the vocal ensemble HYOID. newpolyphonies is a curious high mass about the small difference that makes a big impact.

newpolyphonies is scheduled to premiere at De Bijloke in Ghent on 17.10.


Both projects of Danae will be presented at La Strada Festival in Graz at the end of summer. Analogue Campaign (26.08 > 02.09) is a research on the Practice of Democracy, during which public speeches by citizens -rather than politicians- take place unexpectedly in places where people meet each other.

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WHAT IF (29.08 > 27.09) on the other hand is a speculative exercise for the reactivation of the listed building Tennenmälzerei.

Let us respond, reflect and rebuild in solidarity

As an organization supporting the development of artists' trajectories, Hiros works closely together with individual artists and their teams, creating a long-term and sustainable environment for artistic creation and research.

The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic painfully exposes the vulnerability of the arts sector and increases already existing inequalities. Hiros witnesses in particular the worsening of the already precarious position of the artist and cultural worker.

Considering the urgency of the current moment we call on the Flemish, Brussels and Belgian Federal Government to take the necessary measures. We also call on the arts sector itself to respond, reflect and rebuild in solidarity.

Hiros therefore endorses the 4 proposals formulated by SOTA (State of the Arts) a.o. in this letter.

Aiming at the long-term viability of the sector, we additionally call for the initiation of a far-reaching debate on the current nature of the position of the artist, with a view of ensuring sustainability of artist's careers and practices, as well as freedom of expression, social and financial recognition and individual well-being.

Image: The Palm of Your Hand / Research (2015) - Vera Tussing © Benjamin Sommabere

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Side Effects

supporting action

Charter for the stage artist

A statement of solidarity between artists who agree to no longer accept un(der)paid work in public activities that take place at or for organizations with fixed-income employees.
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