Cassiel Gaube's Soirée d'études on Podium19

Watch the new creation of Cassiel Gaube from 24.04 on Podium19 during this year's edition of Dag van de Dans. The video stays online on VRT NU for a month (only in Belgium).

Letters from Attica of Begüm Erciyas at the Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati

In conditions of solitude – as for travelers or prisoners – people have often resorted to writing letters as a means of communication with their closests, revealing the very sensation of being in isolation. Sam Melville has done so from the Attica prison, where he was held on charges of sabotaging public property in protest of the Vietnam war, and where he would die during the Attica prison riots in 1971.

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His and others' voices in similar conditions connect the sensations of loneliness and the one of determination. In her artistic works Begüm Erciyas often uses sound and instruction to accompany the spectator in an experience that is deeply solitary and yet collective. For Letters from Attica she imagines for the first time a project for the public space. Multiple voices give a personal form to sound waves. They inscribe words in public space and generate unforeseen sentences. As a first encounter with the city, Letters from Attica is a search for means to let a voice travel from one to the many.

Letters from Attica is presented at This Time Tomorrow, the annual performance festival of Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati.


Karel Burssens' Untitled (Currents) at deSingel

After the presentation of the installation Untitled (Currents) at deSingel on 18 > 20.03.2021, Pieter T'Jonck wrote a review on pzazz. This new version builds on the performance Currents by Karel Burssens, a duet between man and machine, which premiered at Vooruit in 2019.

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A light sculpture moves in the dark. Gradual variations in the light and the sculpture's behaviour create ever-changing perceptions of the space. This spatial experience is accompanied by the orchestrated rhythm of the machine and a custom-made soundtrack. The dynamic composition of light and sound immerses the viewer in a spherical and disorienting bath of light.

The installation at large unfolds like a hypnotic pendulum, where the spectator inevitably becomes part of the work, simply by being present. Due to this, the tension between the rotating machine and the space, between object and spectator, is made tangible.

Through the relationship between man and machine, the installation wants to reveal our contemporary position as entities that are forced to constantly adapt. How do we continuously find a new balance in an environment that is always subject to shifts, on both a technological and socio-political level?

Soirée d'études by Cassiel Gaube

In Soirée d'études, Cassiel Gaube expands the research set out in his solo Farmer Train Swirl - Étude and creates a trio exploring the rich vocabulary of House Dance in a series of études.

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An étude, in the musical sense of the word, is a composition designed as an occasion to explore the possibilities of a particular technique and to experiment with these, which is similar to the way House Dance is practiced. Drawing from commonly known moves, the dancer looks for variations of these steps and for inventive ways of articulating them together. This common knowledge allows people to read each other's dancing. Together with two dancers experienced in Street dance, Cassiel seeks to reveal the literacy that this practice requires and produces.

Get familiar with the work by reading this interview (in French) with Cassiel.

Let us keep on responding, reflecting and rebuilding in solidarity

As an organization supporting the development of artists' trajectories, Hiros works closely together with individual artists and their teams, creating a long-term and sustainable environment for artistic creation and research.

The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic painfully exposes the vulnerability of the arts sector and increases already existing inequalities. Hiros witnesses in particular the worsening of the already precarious position of the artist and cultural worker.

Considering the ongoing urgency of the current moment we call on the Flemish, Brussels and Belgian Federal Government to formulate a long-term integrated crisis policy for culture. We also call on the arts sector itself to keep on responding, reflecting and rebuilding in solidarity.

Additionally, we call for the initiation of a far-reaching debate on the current nature of the position of the artist, with a view of ensuring sustainability of artist's careers and practices, as well as freedom of expression, social and financial recognition and individual well-being.

Image: The Palm of Your Hand / Research (2015) - Vera Tussing © Benjamin Sommabere

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Side Effects

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Charter for the stage artist

A statement of solidarity between artists who agree to no longer accept un(der)paid work in public activities that take place at or for organizations with fixed-income employees.