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Mario Barrantes Espinoza

°1991, lives and works in Brussels.

Mario José Barrantes Espinoza is a Costa Rican-Nicaraguan artist based in Brussels. He studied theatre and dance at the National University of Costa Rica. In 2016 he graduated from the Training Cycle at P.A.R.T.S. Two years later he concluded the Research Studios program under the direction of Bojana Cvejić and Alain Franco.

His interest in vocal practices, text, and audio-visual materials have led him to collaborate with artists such as Karel Burssens, François Chaignaud, Rotterdam Presenta, Michiel Vandevelde in Ends of Worlds, Neuer Neuer Neuer Tanz, and Dances of death, and Eszter Salamon in MONUMENT 0: Haunted by Wars (1913-2013), MONUMENT 0.4: Lores & Praxes, and more recently, MONUMENT 0.6: Heterochrony/Palermo 1599-1920.

Currently he continues to develop projects as an independent artist. His practice focuses mainly on the articulation of dance, text and voice through the re-appropriation of audiovisual materials found in pop culture and mainstream media. Some of his work include [A SEQUENCE III], created within the context of Bâtard Festival (BE, 2018), and Drift (I) -in collaboration with Thomas Bîrzan- which was selected for Aerowaves Dance Across Europe in 2019.

The proposal for his next project El cantar del playo or... a song is a rose is a thorn was awarded with the Roel Verniers Prijs in 2020 for "creative ideas and new performing talent".

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