Manuela Rastaldi

Manuela Rastaldi, italian, graduated in Zürich, started her personal research in 1998 creating a solo Ennesima.
Manuela Rastaldi created the trio performance TRA in July 2000 and then Stanze# , a series of site specific performances. In July 2001 she presented the performance/installation Studies for Loom at Szene Salzburg. In 2002 she created Loom . In 2004 she created Layers and Soffici Immagini (video installation). In May/September 2006, Manuela Rastaldi worked as a repetitor with the dance company FTS ( Folkwang Tanz Studio) from Essen, Germany on the performance 13 reasons , choreographed by M.A.De Mey.
In October 2006, she signed the choreography Le vie di Gibellina , a site specific work specially created in the frame of the video installation 'From Inside'of Thierry De Mey (premiered at Bozar - Brussels, April 2007).
Specchi, two variations on « the woman cut into pieces» has been created in November 2007 during the festival Mettre en Scène in the Théâtre National de Bretagne in Rennes (F).

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