Ernst Marechal

°1975 lives and works in Antwerp, Charleroi and Brussels.

Ernst graduated in 1998 as Master in the Dramatic Arts at RITS in Brussels. Driven by strong social concerns, he was already during his education looking for ways to express social themes in an artistic way. After his graduation he coordinated several (social-) artistic projects and festivals. He also laid the roots for Scheld’apen, an art centre in Antwerp. Action and public space are main themes in his work, in which he often uses audiovisual techniques. His last projects, in cooperation with Globe Aroma (De Tafel Keuken, Made in Belgium, Blue Key Identity) started in asylum centre Klein Kasteeltje in Brussels. Together with the illegal inhabitants, he investigated in his performances the possibility of integration as a dialogical process.

Side Effects


Side Effects

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Charter for the stage artist

A statement of solidarity between artists who agree to no longer accept un(der)paid work in public activities that take place at or for organizations with fixed-income employees.