Einat Tuchman

Einat Tuchman has been a dancer for several major dance companies such as Les Ballets C. de la B., Victoria and Needcompany.

From 2001 on she has been focussing on her own work. In 2001 she created "Bartime" with Lisi Esteras, supported by Victoria, "Bartime" is a live performance that takes place in an actual bar. In 2003 she premiered her solo "Turn off the light". In 2005 she created the duet "For getting" with Kosi Himada, and "Oh Boy" a collaboration with 4 male dancers in which she researches the concept ‘team building’. In 2006 she created "Normosis" and in 2008 she premiered her new performance "I died a hundred times".

In her work Einat Tuchman is mostly interested in researching dance as a result of common, everyday gestures and movements. She focusses on themes such as human behaviour, communication and those aspects of life that lie right under the surface of reality.

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