Delgado Fuchs

Nadine Fuchs ° 1974, lives and works in Switserland
Marco Delagdo ° 1968, lives and works in Switserland

Nadine was born in Bern and studied classical and contemporary dance at the Anne Woolliams School and at the SBBS (Schwezierische Ballettberufsschule) in Zurich. Then, she completed her education in the Atelier Rudra Béjart in Lausanne.

Marco, from Spanish origin, passed his childhood in a popular neigbourhood in Brussels. When he was 20, he started his dancing career in the Royal Conservatorium of Brussels.

During their career, they met each other and together they decided to found the collective Delgado Fuchs in March 2002 in Berne. This meant the start of a series of personal creations. The Delgado Fuchs shows are open, transversal in their choice of tools (photography, video, theatre) and their influences (fashion, plastic arts). They propose creations which mean to rethink the body and the movement in a frame which transgresses the field of traditional dance. Semi-serious, semi-trivial, their pieces play with the idea of ambiguity. While continually reformulating their proposals and varying their perspectives, Delgado Fuchs reveals the versatile character of identity, submitted to multiple modes of being.

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Side Effects

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