Christophe Meierhans

°1977, Geneva, Switzerland, lives and works in Brussels.

He works with and within performances, public spaces, theater, installations, sound, music and video. His work consists mainly in developping strategies for interventions in our daily life protocols through manipulating conventional agreements, social habits or simple usages. Fragments of reality such as an existing speech, a café, a theater performance or our daily audiophily become frameworks for artistic operations which attempt to redirect banality so as to only let it reappear under peculiar angles. His work raises questions of norms and conventions by confusing casual contexts with another and confronting the spectator with some kind of otherness, the strangeness of being in the "wrong" place, or of the place itself being the "wrong" one.

Side Effects


Side Effects

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Charter for the stage artist

A statement of solidarity between artists who agree to no longer accept un(der)paid work in public activities that take place at or for organizations with fixed-income employees.