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Cassiel Gaube

°1994, Belgium, lives and works in Brussels and Paris.

Cassiel Gaube is a dancer and choreographer who graduated in 2016 from the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.) in Brussels.

As a performer, he collaborated with the choreographers Manon Santkin & Benjamin Vandewalle, as well as with the visual artist Fabrice Samyn.

Over the past 3 years, Cassiel mainly dedicated himself to learning and practicing House dance, in Paris' and New York's lively club scenes. He is currently developing his work at the intersection of contemporary dance and Hip hop and Clubbing dances. He sees this undertaking as the work of sensibly navigating these buoyant ecosystems of practices, of experimenting with the forms which inhabit them and of imagining new ones.

Cassiel recently created the solo Farmer Train Swirl - Étude, an embodied and subjective investigation of the field of House dance. The piece premiered during the End of Winter Festival at Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk) in February 2019. It has since then been shown in theatre and museum spaces, as well as in club situations.

As a consequence of his first piece, Cassiel has been invited to work with several other artists. He's currently developing a collaboration with the Brussels & Berlin based record label Ensemble – with who he's designed a club version of the solo, that they are planning to tour in House clubs across Europe.

Most recently, he has been asked by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker to make some of the material for the piece that she has been choreographing for Broadway in collaboration with Ivo Van Hove, a new stage version of West Side Story.

He is associated artist to La Ménagerie de Verre, in Paris, in 2019 & 2020. He is currently starting the creation of a new work, entitled Soirée d'études, which will prolong and expand the research started in the solo.

As a teacher, Cassiel is regularly invited to give professional trainings and workshops, in dance studios such as DansCentrumJette, La Raffinerie – Charleroi Danse, P.A.R.T.S. SummerSchool in Brussels and La Ménagerie de Verre in Paris.

For the production of his work, Cassiel collaborates with the Brussels-based production house Hiros. The distribution of his work is managed by the Ghent-based office ART HAPPENS.

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