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Sara Manente : Spectacles #1 - #4

Spectacles is a research by Sara Manente starting from the distance between language and experience, specifically the experience of dance and performance. In spring 2016 she will work on her research during several residencies.

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Following the critical line that considers the overcapitalization of language as its transformation into an oppressive tool, the research aims to restore and emancipate the relation between language and dance from a point of view of performativity. What are the limits of language to talk about aesthetic experience? What do we talk about when we talk about dance? How do we talk about something we don't know how to talk about? Which language performs a choreography? How to move with(out) words?

> At TULITU you can find and buy Spectacles #1 and #3.

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Side Effects


Side Effects

Artist talk Vera Tussing

Talks and Thoughts on the Contemporary Dance Scene in Teheran

Vera Tussing will present her work during the one-week visitor's programme for contemporary dance artists from Iran organised by Flanders Arts Institute / Kunstenpunt and kc nona from 18 to 25 March 2018.

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