van Mesut Arslan / KVS & Platform 0090, met Bernard Van Eeghem

"Zonder huiskameranekdotiek, in de bizarre context van een arena, komt het stuk ongemeen sterk binnen." De Morgen
"Wat het allemaal samen houdt, zijn de acteurs. Ina Geerts en co. jumpen op en over de rand, roepen elkaar bijna ri­tueel aan, om de ander dan ge­niepig in de hoek te drijven. Nog meer dan hun tekst zegt hun lijf. Kleine stapjes, zwiepen­de hoofden, krassende nagels in de vloer: hun spel zoekt dezelf­de schurende gelaagdheid als de hele voorstelling." De Standaard
Meer info + speellijst: KVS


Now on soundclound in English, Italian and French. (Free!)

'Ø by Trond Reinholdsten' is a result of the research of Spectackles. Sara Manente investigates the limits of language to talk about aesthetic experience.
"What do we talk about when we talk about dance? How do we talk about something we don't know how to talk about? Which language performs a choreography? How to move with(out) words?" during the research spectacles (LINK) Sara Manente (LINK) collected an archive of descriptions of dance pieces, performances and other kind of spectacles. The archive is still in process and already available online in FR, EN, IT, ES or PT. Now online on SoundCloud.

Already Unmade by Andros Zins-Browne

BOZAR - Yves Klein. Theatre of the Void & Dag van de Dans.

Saturday 29th of April at 11 am: free entrance (Horta Hall) +
at 2 pm free entrance upon presentation of your entrance ticket for the exhibition of Yves Klein.

Bozar is contributing on Dag van de Dans with artistic projects which are all about bringing people together and creating valuable encounters through movement. Next to Andros Zins-Brown Already Unmade, there will be the Belgian premiere of a video installation by Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, Nick Steur's new artwork and one can participate in Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez choreographer Seppe Baeyens's dance workshop.


Myriam Van Imschoot - IN KOOR!

20 - 22.04. 2017 @ CAMPO (BE)

IN KOOR! (IN CHORUS!) is a music-theatre project in which Brussels performance artist Myriam Van Imschoot and Willem de Wolf, an actor and writer with Cie. De Koe, are collaborating with non-professional singers: theatre students of the KASK in Ghent and thirteen amateur actors.
Anyone who expects fine cantatas and virtuoso vocal parts will have to make do with a piece of music theatre that makes an art of singing out of tune.

! only in dutch!
For more info, tour dates and tickets we kindly direct you to the website of campo.

Side Effects


Side Effects

NEW WEBSITE: Erki De Vries & Pieter Huybrechts

Known as the scenographer of Thomas Ryckewaert

Erki De Vries was closely involved in the productions 'Portrait' and 'Homo Sapiens'.
Check out his new website:

BIVAK - Hiros artists and the firm united

We've been playing in the sandbox!

Due to the financial cut and some changes at the office (like our office itself, new address will be announced soon) we took the opportunity to reorientate. At Pianofabriek and under the guidance of Nicolas Galeazzi of a.pass, we came together remodel our structure. Where this has leaded too, will be first further investigated. Don't expect big changes, but we'll do like to sharpen up Hiros characteristics in a healthy work environment for all.

D.I.T. (Do It Together)

Open Call for artists and organizations

To reinforce the position of the artists, Kunstenpunt created this a collective trajectory in order to develop ideas into concrete initiatives.

Pay a visit to MANON SANTKIN's residency La Bellone (BXL/BE)

Daily possibilities to get to know her Unexplained Dances!

10 till 22th of April Manon Santkin invites dance practitioners to join her for a 2-weeks long lab around the score of Unexplained Dances. Every day at lunch-time (1-2pm) the score will be performed. (Free entrance, no reservation needed.) April 20th from 5-7 pm we are happy to invite you for the Tender Session, their work in progress presentation. And last but not least, you can experience the Unexplained Dances yourself on friday 21 or saturday 22 of April, book you individual session on: Enjoy!