Hiros is a production and management structure for independent artists working in various disciplines. We offer tailor-made support for each artist and project, ranging from pre-production to production, administration to financial management, tour management to post-production.

Hiros wants to keep developing new forms of assistance and project management adapted to the needs of independent artists. We offer both project-based and long-term guidance. Distribution and visibility are crucial elements in our services.

However, Hiros acts neither as an agent nor as an impresario. Sales are always part of a broader objective to develop the artistic trajectory of an artist and increase the visibility of an artistic practice.

Hiros is the joint venture of the management offices Margarita Production and Mokum. Together we will continue to build a reliable framework for individual artists and artistic projects.

< The name Hiros derives from the bird genus Hirundo, latin for swallow. In many cultures swallows represent the notion of freedom being migration birds. They move in v-shapes, continually creating new formations. Hiros is shaped by it's artists and their manifold work. As an organization we are in constant evolution, developing new forms of support responding to the artists needs. The colors red and blue are reminiscent of Mokum and Margarita Production, a continuation of the journey in a new format. >



Hiros seeks to offer sustainable long-term guidance for the work of independent artists and the development of their oeuvre. Support for the artistic development goes beyond a project-based guidance. Working in mutual dialogue we try to give shape to the artistic aspirations and goals.


Research, artistic development and reflection are closely connected with a flourishing, well-founded and innovative artistic practice. We support research at the level of administration, financial management and production. In collaboration with the involved partners, Hiros wishes to reflect on the best way of unveiling or presenting the research results.


Support for a project lasts for the duration of that project. This involves professional assistance in the field of administration, management, production, communication, distribution and tour management. Support can either cover the entire process or just one aspect.


Hiros provides administrative support and advice for artists and projects. Among other things, this includes drawing up and managing project budgets, administering the project means, providing support for the creation of a legal entity, etc.

Side Effects


Side Effects


Christina Vantzou / Dj Maurice Ravel , Moana

Sunday 14 May at noon, Netwerk - Aalst.

Spend your sunday afternoon in Aalst (Belgium) with an exclusive concert by Christina, an Amercian composer, graphic designer and video artist who lives and works in Brussels. Her musical work is known from an earlier collaborative project The Dead Texan together with Adam Witzie (Stars of the Lid). Ever since, she created three solo albums of orchestral ambient music for the music label Kranky. Her instrumental electro-acoustic music, influenced by classic and minimalistic traditions, refers to peers such as Jóhan Jóhansson, Ólafur Arnalds of Dustin O'Halloran. Her albums are often supported by dreamy shortfilms.